Our Workforce

Asbestos Removal Supervisor


Perfect presents the services of professionally trained Asbestos Removal Supervisors who are trained to be aware of all the safety regulations in regards to the removal and handling of asbestos. They are also proficient in training labourers, educating them with the in-house training to perform their roles efficiently and safely.

Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos Removal Certified Labourer


At perfect, we have professionally trained friable and non-friable asbestos removal labourers that are certified to perform this task. They are also aware of safety regulations associated with the removal of friable and non-friable asbestos and have undergone the in-house training that has made us put our confidence in their expertise.

Scissor Lift Operator


At Perfect, we provide professionally trained scissor lift operators that are licensed and possess years of experience that make them suitable to operate all kinds of scissor lifts in different kinds of environments. Whether it is a work site or a simple residential area that requires careful manoeuvring of scissor lift, we have it covered for you.

Man & Material Hoist Operator


Here at Perfect, we offer the services of experienced and professional hoist operators. Whether the job calls to operate the hoist to transport materials or to transport people, our man and material hoist operators are always the right choices for the job.

LR Truck Driver


Hire an experienced and professionally trained LR (Light Rigid) Truck driver from Perfect. Our truck drivers have years of experience on the road and full control over the vehicle they drive while maintaining a professional composure that showcases their dedication towards the job.

Loader/Bobcat Operator


Hire a professional Loader/Bobcat Operator from Perfect. Here at Perfect, we offer the services of professional and experienced Bobcat operators who are licensed and possess years of work experience that has enabled them to be regarded as experts in their domain.

Forklift Operator [LF, L0]


Hire an experienced and professional forklift operator from Perfect. We offer the services of forklift operators who have worked on multiple projects in different settings that have made it easy for them to work with forklifts in any industrial/workplace setting.

Excavator Operator over 5t


Perfect provides the services of seasoned and professional Excavator Operators. We are aware of the intricacies of this job role and realize that this role calls for experts who are certified to work with over 5T of weight and are licensed to operate an excavator smoothly.

Excavator Operator


At Perfect, we completely understand the job roles of Excavator Operators, as the job requires seasoned and experienced professionals only. That is why Perfect offers services of trained and professional Excavator operators that are both licensed and certified to work with any amount of weight.

Concrete Cutting Operator


If you need to hire a Concrete cutter and a precise concrete cutter at that, then you have come to the right place. Here at perfect e have professionals that have years of experience enabling them to perform their jobs effortlessly.

Boom Lift Operator


Perfect provide services of professionally trained boom lift operators that have honed their skills over a period of time. Our boom lift operators are trained, licensed, and professionals that are aware of all the necessary and associated regulations in their field.



Perfect provide the services of experienced and professional tilers. From cutting to setting to polishing, all the aspects of tiling up a floor or a building are covered by our experienced tile settlers with relative ease. All our tilers have years of experience working on numerous megaprojects.