Skilled Labourers

Demolition / Construction Labourer


Perfect offer the services of highly skilled and professionally trained Demolition/Construction Laborers that have years of experience in their line of work. The demolition labourers of perfect have experience from working on numerous projects and are well versed in work safe practices.

General Labourer


Whether the job is long or tiring, the General labour of Perfect hire can handle it easily. Hire a general labourer from Perfect who have been trained in their respective field and have been trained in the ways of site work methods and etiquettes.

Leading Hand


Perfect offer the service of hiring a leading hand. Choose the working category and hire an extra pair of hand to make your work easier. Our Leading Hand Laborers are experts and have multiple years of supervisory experience that makes them ideal for the role of their respective work category.

Site Supervisor


Hire a professional and experienced site supervisor from Perfect. Our site supervisors have experience in supervising subcontractor trades, signing trades in and out, close/open site, ensuring basic safety and security on the site, coordinate trades, and liaise with clients and project managers.

Skilled Labourer / Trade Assistant


Do you need a skilled labourer or a trade assistant? Hire one today from Perfect. As perfect offers the services of highly skilled labourers in a number of different trades. With a number of tickets and licenses, our trade assistants are sure to be a perfect solution for your worker need.