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With the return of goods production to Australian shores, the manufacturing sector has entered a twenty-first century renaissance. And because modern methods utilise complex machinery, a highly trained and experienced workforce is required to maintain efficient production.

Because Perfect Hire completes a trade-specific Verification Of Competency with every potential candidate to ensure worker skills match the claims outlined on their resume – we can consult with you to design a VOC for your manufacturing process. So before they arrive for their first day, there’s no doubt that they possess the skills and attitude that your business demands. And because Perfect Hire admin staff are versed in the challenging world of online inductions and compliance portals, any site prerequisites can be completed long before their first day – meaning that our workers can start work immediately.

From footwear to fabrication, CNC to seafood, trains to timber. Whether discrete, batch or process. Large or small scale. Perfect Hire workers have both the skill set and mindset that will turn your great manufacturing business into an excellent one. From a startup into a world leader.

Our specialised recruitment process means only the best and most suitable candidates will make it through us to you. So when you think manufacturing labour hire, think Perfect.

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Perfect Hire has the capability to plug the manpower gaps in your workforce. From project managers to general labourers and everything in between. If you need help or have a question, please contact Tim.

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