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Specific Qualifications

Some of the many tasks we perform in our line of work can only be performed by workers with very specialised qualifications. IRATA/SPRAT L3 Advanced Riggers or Confined Space Hazmat Labourers case in point. Perfect Hire’s range of highly qualified, competent and experienced manpower will make sure the seemingly conflicting maze of methodologies and processes are followed to a tee - ensuring works are completed in a safe, efficient and harmonious manner.

  • Friable and Non-friable Asbestos Removal Labourers
  • Traffic Controllers
  • Confined Space Labourers
  • Working at Heights Labourers
  • Rope Access Riggers
  • RIW Labourers
  • MSIC Labourers
  • EWP < 11m Operators

Friable Asbestos Labourers

Asbestos is a dirty word. And for good reason. This naturally occurring silicate mineral is still responsible for 700 annual deaths – and that’s just in Australia. Luckily, with government intervention and revolutionary-scale reform, the removal of asbestos materials in existing structures is an ongoing enterprise.


Traffic Controllers

Perfect offer the services of experienced Traffic Controllers who possess an ample amount of experience having worked on and for different projects. The traffic controllers at Perfect are fully aware of all the necessary rules and regulations pertaining to the job.


Confined Space Labourers

Perfect offer the expertise of professionally trained confined space certified labourers. Our confined space workers are experienced with years of experience working on different professional projects. All our workers are certified with all the relevant experience that enables them to perform their duties perfectly.


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