Oxy Cutting / Welding

Oxy cutting or welding is a process of cutting and fixing things through flames, these flames are a combination of gas (fuel) and pure oxygen and it has a very high temperature as it is used in cutting or fixing things. Oxy cutting is required in a number of fields. It can have a certain dangerous impact it mostly requires the person welding needs to be vigilant when doing the task. The labourers’ Perfect Hire provides to its clients are trained prior and assessed for the job. Our welders have all the tickets to carry out their work, they are professionally trained.

Boilermakers And Welders


Perfect Labour Hire trade qualified Fabricators and Welders can help your project get off the ground and through to completion. With years of experience in site- and field-fabrication, our metal-fab tradespeople will make your life – and your project – a heck of a lot easier.