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Production is arguably the most important aspect of the resource sector. But to achieve the efficient extraction of mineral wealth goes beyond state-of-the-art machinery and processing techniques. The heart of any good operation is it’s workforce – a dedicated, highly trained and qualified team moving in unison toward a single vision. And with eons of experience in the resource sector in our veins Perfect Hire can fill your most critical resource sector roles.

Current Perfect Hire trades in the resource sector are: L3 IRATA Advanced Riggers, trade qualified Metal Fabricators, Cert III Carpenters and Formwork Carpenters, C0 Crane Operators, Industrial Blaster/Painters and more.

With a specialised recruitment process that includes our Perfect-only VOC component, all workers that arrive to your site can back the claims made on their resume. Which means a harmonious integration into your existing workforce for an instantaneous start and what we hope is a long placement. This translates to greater overall productivity, a smoother operation and greater outcomes.

If skilled and motivated manpower is what you need Perfect Hire can help.

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