Even with constant maintenance our national infrastructure is naturally deteriorating. So when it does – enter the surface technician aka the Blaster/Painter. With the skills to remove offending corrosion and recoat with specialised coatings, the Blaster/Painter is a must-have for any high-end remediation works.

Boilermakers And Welders


Perfect Labour Hire trade qualified Fabricators and Welders can help your project get off the ground and through to completion. With years of experience in site- and field-fabrication, our metal-fab tradespeople will make your life – and your project – a heck of a lot easier.



There’s a very strong chance that the very first constructed shelter was made of timber, so we can safely say that the humble Carpenter has been around a very long time indeed.

Commissioning Electricians


When new infrastructure or plant first comes online it undergoes a process known as commissioning. The personnel tasked with this incredibly sensitive process are seasoned in their field, have strong problem-solving acuity and a deep understanding of their trade. Meet the Perfect Hire Commissioning Electrician.

Dual Tradespeople


Four years delving into the complexities of a trade just ain’t enough of a challenge for some folks. With a brain-soaking thirst for knowledge and skills, the mental dexterity to think laterally, with the patience and drive to complete two trade qualifications – the Dual Tradesperson is certainly one unique and prized individual.



The invention of the first light bulb in 1840 brought with it the tradespeople necessary to keep it lit. Much has changed since, including safety specifications – yet the skill set, knowledge and standards required by this dangerous and demanding profession are continually on the rise.

Formwork Carpenters


Every building you see standing today has been shaped in some way by the humble Formworker. With a myriad of skill sets that merge carpentry, mechanical fitment and steel-fixing, a cracking Formworker is a highly prized asset on any safe and successful job site.



It could be said that the foundation of modern civilisation is sewerage and running water, making the men and women tasked with ensuring this vital supply remains intact are highly prized assets. If you’ve ever been without one of these critical services then you’ll know exactly what we mean.