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With the impact of the deadly coronavirus rippling its way across the globe, infrastructure spending is at an all time high. And with the sheer volume of workers required on these projects, onboarding a skilled ready-to-start workforce is crucial to a project’s survival.

The infrastructure worker has a unique mindset that Perfect Hire understands. And with a project lineage that includes the Sydney Metro Northwest NRT, the Westconnex M4, the Sydney Program Alliance, the Sydney Trains Transport Access Program and Parramatta Light Rail – Perfect Hire understands that not all construction workers are created equally. Our thorough understanding of safety and induction processes means that Perfect Hire workers can integrate seamlessly into your existing teams.

Our infrastructure workforce includes; Electricians, Plumbers, Formworkers, Mechanical Fitters, Dual Tradesmen, Boilermakers, ticketed Plant Operators, Finishers and skilled labourers. Perfect Hire admin staff are intimately familiar with the induction and compliance portals needed to get workers on site. Systems like EIFY, Pegasus, BlueGlue, the RIW system and many others. Our dedicated team will ensure all hurdles are overcome prior to worker start dates.

If a flexible, professional and dedicated workforce is what you need then let Perfect Hire help.

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