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Dogmen [DG]

If the Crane Operator is your Maverick then the Dogman is their Goose. With one of the closest working relationships on site, the lifting team is a tight knit unit that operates at the highest of high levels. And because our workers operate at the tip of the spear, a Perfect Hire Dogman might just be the necessary addition your crew needs.



Communication, fast thinking, rigging, weather and safety.


Slings, shackles, chains, hooks, cables, spreader bars, restraints, winches and hoists.


Works with the lifting team or Riggers and Crane Operators.


Dogmen – the workers responsible for directing Crane Operators during lifting operations – are highly skilled individuals who understand the value of safety. And Perfect Hire’s Dogmen are some of the very best. With years, even decades of site experience in construction, demolition and remediation, a Perfect Hire Dogman is a valued asset to any Crane operation.

Often with multiple skills like Rigging or sometimes Crane Operators themselves, our Dogmen have all the experience necessary to complement your site team. And with our Dogging VOC, you can be sure the Perfect Hire Dogman you request will be the Dogman you need.