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Skilled Labourers

If your project requires some of the most dedicated and skilled labour in the state then we can help.

We’re confident of this claim because of the work we’ve put in to develop and redevelop our stringent recruitment process.

Our skilled labourers are versed in heavy demolition, detailed demolition, construction labouring, trades assistant work in both the mechanical and electrical space, plant operation and many others.

  • Demolition/Construction Labourers
  • Skilled Labourers
  • White Card
  • Car Licence
  • Other common construction tickets

Skilled Labourers

Often overlooked, the Skilled Labourer is the cornerstone of a good team – and can make or break your project. With a good general construction/demolition knowledge and a few handy tickets, Perfect Hire Skilled Labourers can fill the gaps in your site team.


Trades Assistants

The Trades Assistant may not share in the same the glory as the Tradesperson but they are every bit as important. And with a good general construction and demolition knowledge across all trades, a good T/A is worth their weight in gold.


Technical Labourers

Technical Labourer is almost a tradesperson – or a ‘tradesperson without the ticket’. With both a broad scope of abilities and specific knowledge, the Technical Labourer will handle those tasks that require some sophistication and a high attention to detail.


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Perfect Hire has the capability to plug the manpower gaps in your workforce. From project managers to general labourers and everything in between. If you need help or have a question, please contact Tim.

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