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The Railway. One of the oldest and most important transport infrastructure networks we have. The success of time critical possessions are decided by the quality and focus of its workforce. Therefore labour hire is a risk. Or is it?

Perfect Hire was borne of Perfect Contracting – one of the most trusted railway demolition and possession companies in the state. Perfect Contracting has worked over 100 railway possessions in its young history. That knowledge is in The Perfect Group genes. So when we say we have the right workforce for you – we mean it. Because we’ve done it for ourselves. We’re still doing it.

Perfect Hire can help with RIW Carpenters, Boilermakers, Finishers, Formworkers, Electricians, Earthworks Plant Operators and Blaster/Painters. General and Skilled Labourers. Crane Operators and Dogmen. Riggers and Scaffolders. All of our workers hold the valuable RIW card and are set up in the RIW compliance system so at the start of the shift when the PO swipes them on – there’s no gnawing doubts that they’ll be able to work on site.

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Perfect Hire has the capability to plug the manpower gaps in your workforce. From project managers to general labourers and everything in between. If you need help or have a question, please contact Tim.

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