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Difficult and complex tasks - even those regulated by law - are best left to trained and experienced professionals. And because we vet 95% of candidates before they’re even invited for an interview, Perfect Hire can ensure you have those trained professionals inducted, kitted out and on site.

  • Trade Qualified Carpenters
  • Formwork Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Boilermakers and Welders
  • Electricians and Commissioning Electricians 
  • Mechanical Fitters
  • Blaster/Painters
  • Dual Tradespeople


From framing to fit-outs and site setup to site set-out, Perfect Hire’s professional trade-qualified Carpenters have the skills and experience to help build your team. Complete with tools, let our Carpenters move your project towards completion.


Formwork Carpenters

Every project is built from the ground up and that ground is shaped by the Formworker. With a myriad of skill sets that cross between carpentry, mechanical fitment and steel-fixing, a good Formworker is a prized asset on any job site.


Boilermakers And Welders

Perfect Labour Hire trade qualified Fabricators and Welders can help your project get off the ground and through to completion. With years of experience in site- and field-fabrication, our metal-fab tradespeople will make your life – and your project – a hell of a lot easier.



Perfect Labour Hire’s highly regarded material Blaster/Painters and Coaters are some of the best in the remediation game. Equipped with a broad range of experience in surface prep and coat, let our Blaster/Painters help you bring your job to the finish line.



The invention of the first light bulb in 1840 brought with it the tradespeople necessary to keep it lit, and the skill set and standards required by this dangerous and demanding trade are continually on the rise.


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Perfect Hire has the capability to plug the manpower gaps in your workforce. From project managers to general labourers and everything in between. If you need help or have a question, please contact Tim.

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