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As the world moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewables, the infrastructure needed to support such an adventurous leap into a carbon-responsible future is a marathon – not a sprint. It demands an energetic and dedicated team with a very niche skill set.

Traditional roles like Formworkers, Carpenters and Formwork Carpenters, Riggers and Dogmen, Metal Fabricators, Mechanical Fitters, and Crane Operators are always in demand. But due to the high-tech nature of these programs, additional trades are needed. Electricians and Commissioning Electricians for example. Electrical T/A’s. Solar Electric Technologists. And Skilled Labourers with technical skill sets and lots of common sense.

And because these renewable energy farms are far from metro areas, workers need to have their skills verified long before their arrival at to site.

With our proven VOC method, Perfect Hire can ensure that the workers that arrive at your renewable energy project are who they say they are. We can make this claim because we literally Verify the Competency of every suitable worker we interview. If you need an Electrician then that’s who will arrive for work because we’ve tested them on our DB panel. And if we’re sending you a Rigger then a Rigger will arrive because they’ve passed our Rigging VOC. If you need a Fabricator that can MIG 13mm plate then you guessed it – they’ve been VOC’d.

Perfect Hire can almost guarantee that the worker that arrives has the skills you need.

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