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High Risk Work Licences

To safely ensure certain aspects of your job are completed in an efficient manner sometimes means utilising manpower with a High Risk Work licence [HRW]. After all, rigging a craneable skip to a Franna requires more than just a set of slings.

Perfect Hire has a myriad of workers with HRW licences across all trades and skill sets; Riggers, Crane Operators, Dogmen, Scaffies, Forklift Operators and more.

  • C0 to CN Crane Operators
  • Basic to Advanced Riggers
  • Basic to Advanced Scaffolders
  • Dogmen
  • EWP > 11m Operators
  • LF and LO Forklift Operators
  • HM and HP Hoist Operators

Crane Operators [C0, C1, C6, C2, CN, TC, CS]

With the skyrocketing cost of the real estate footprint, more and more projects are utilising the lifting power of cranes. Perfect Hire Crane Operators are highly qualified and experienced individuals versed in the art of lifting, rigging, dogging and most importantly: safety.


Riggers [RB, RI, RA]

The crane may tower over site but it’s the Rigger that gets the lifting done. With snatch-block, shackle, chain and sling – as well as a few cheeky tricks – a good Rigger is an irreplaceable asset to a strong and unified lifting team.

Perfect Hire Riggers are no exception.


Dogmen [DG]

If the Crane Operator is your Maverick then the Dogman is their Goose. With one of the closest working relationships on site, the lifting team is a tight knit unit that operates at the highest of high levels. And because our workers operate at the tip of the spear, a Perfect Hire Dogman might just be the necessary addition your crew needs.


Scaffolders [SB, SI, SA]

We all know Scaffolders erect and dismantle scaffolding – a role that makes them largely responsible for the lives of anyone that treads their boards. But what sets a good Scaffolder apart from a great one?

The answer may just surprise you.


EWP > 11m Operators [WP]

If you’ve ever completed difficult or tedious works at height, you’ll no doubt understand the sheer value of an Elevated Work Platform. With the ability to place workers up to fifty-eight metres in the air, this marvel of modern engineering calls for one very fine operational crew indeed. Just be sure to leave your fear of heights on the ground.


Forklift Operators [LF, LO]

When American manufacturers Clark and Yale & Towne launched the forktruck early in the 20th Century there were many detractors. But despite being little more than a tiny tractor with forks, this soon to be world-dominating machine had it’s sights set on a global transport and logistics revolution. Nobody puts baby in the corner.


Man & Material Hoist Operators [HM, HP]

Today’s high-rise construction sites require swift and efficient transport of man and materials from floor to floor. Essentially running a heavy duty express elevator, the Man and Materials Hoist Operator [HM, HP] plays an invaluable role in tier one construction and demolition. Going up!


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