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High Risk Work Licences

To safely ensure certain aspects of your job are completed in an efficient manner sometimes means utilising manpower with a High Risk Work licence [HRW]. After all, rigging a craneable skip to a Franna requires more than just a set of slings.

Perfect Hire has a myriad of workers with HRW licences across all trades and skill sets; Riggers, Crane Operators, Dogmen, Scaffies, Forklift Operators and more.

  • C0 to CN Crane Operators
  • Basic to Advanced Riggers
  • Basic to Advanced Scaffolders
  • Dogmen
  • EWP > 11m Operators
  • LF and LO Forklift Operators
  • HM and HP Hoist Operators

Crane Operators [C0, C1, C6, C2, CN, TC, CS]

With the skyrocketing cost of the real estate footprint, more and more projects are utilising the lifting power of cranes. Perfect Hire Crane Operators are highly qualified and experienced individuals versed in the art of lifting, rigging, dogging and most importantly: safety.


Riggers [RB, RI, RA]

The crane may tower over the site but it’s the Rigger that gets the lifting done. With snatch-block, shackle, chain and sling, a good Rigger is an invaluable asset to a strong lifting team and Perfect Hire Riggers are no exception.


Dogmen [DG]

If the Crane Operator is the pilot then the Dogman is their wingman. With one of the closest working relationships on site, the lifting team is a tight knit unit that operates at the highest level. Perfect Hire Dogmen could be the stellar addition your crew needs.


Scaffolders [SB, SI, SA]

We all know Scaffolders erect and dismantle scaffolding, but what sets a good Scaffolder apart from a great one? The answer may surprise you but it’s their attitude. And Perfect Hire Scaffies have some of the best mindsets in the Scaffolding game.


EWP > 11m Operators [WP]

The EWP Operators at Perfect are highly experienced in operating all types of Elevated Working Platforms by having worked on different projects that need EWP operated over the height of 11M. Our EWP operators are trained to submit pre and post-operational checks of the Elevated Working Platform to ensure the operate smoothly.


Forklift Operators [LF, LO]

Hire an experienced and professional forklift operator from Perfect. We offer the services of forklift operators who have worked on multiple projects in different settings that have made it easy for them to work with forklifts in any industrial/workplace setting.


Man & Material Hoist Operators [HM, HP]

Here at Perfect, we offer the services of experienced and professional hoist operators. Whether the job calls to operate the hoist to transport materials or to transport people, our man and material hoist operators are always the right choices for the job.


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