Operators & Drivers

Artic Haul Truck/Moxy Operators [HS]


Take equal parts Dump Truck and Tractor, inject it with Viking DNA and let it freeze in a Scandinavian winter for forty years. Articulated Haul Trucks [aka an Artic or Moxy] are six-wheel drive, mud-hauling monsters that are not known for their subtlety. But when you can cart up to 50t at a time – does understated even apply?

Excavator Operators [LE]


Arguably the most versatile construction machine on the planet, the humble Excavator [JCB, digger and rubber ducky for our Irish and UK brethren] grows in popularity by the day. But such functionality on tap needs a special mindset – and Perfect Hire digger drivers have the right mental outlook for you.

Grader Operators [GS]


It has been said that all roads lead to Rome but for the men, women and machines that build these thoroughfares the opposite is the case. With great dexterity, a keen eye for detail and the audacity to batter on some near 45* slopes, Perfect Hire Grader Operators are some motivated individuals indeed.

HV Truck Drivers [MR, HR, HC, MC]


It has been said more often than not that without trucks, Australia stops. And whilst there is a lot of truth in that statement Perfect Hire feels that the true asset in this equation is the talented men and women who helm these vital machines.

Without Truck Drivers, Australia Stops.

Loader Operators [LL]


When product or spoil needs to be shifted en masse, the Front End Wheel Loader comes into the fray. But with great power comes great responsibility and with buckets of man-crushing power on tap, a Perfect Hire Wheel Loader operator is one safety conscious and experienced individual.

Roller/Compactor Operators [RS, CS]


The advent of Henry Ford’s motor car meant roads. Roads mean compaction, and compaction means a roller. Whether smoothdrum, padfoot or multiwheel the modern-day steamroller operator can mean the difference between a road and glorified horse trail.

Skid-Steer/Positrack Operators [LS]


With mind-blowing agility, a super low profile and an almost endless array of attachments, the Bobcat is the all-rounder of the job site. Wheeled or tracked, electric or combustion, kitten-sized or the jungle lion – the Skid Steer Loader is one impressive piece of machinery. And at Perfect Hire it’s operators are just as good.

Telehandler Operators [TMH]


What do you get when you cross a Forklift, a 4WD, an EWP and a Crane? The busiest machine on site that’s what. Officially known as the Telescopic Materials Handler, the insanely agile TMH [or Tele] is the machine that will turn a smart job site into a genius one. But does the machine take all the glory, or can we give some credit to the Operator?