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Trades Assistants

The Trades Assistant may not share in the same the glory as the Tradesperson but they are every bit as important. And with a good general construction and demolition knowledge across all trades, a good T/A is worth their weight in gold.



Broad construction expertise, personally dependable, a thorough understanding of the process of construction and demolition and the ability to work in close quarters with tradesmen for long periods of time.


Any and all.


Can work unsupervised under clear instruction.


Perfect Hire Trades Assistants are well versed in the art of construction and demolition, and have a solid grasp of all trades – whether carpentry, electrotechnology, mechanical fitting, metal fabrication, formworking, blast/paint, plumbing and more.

They have suitable and current qualifications to ensure they are work-ready at project start. Some of these will allow them to slot into any department, as well as some niche construction tickets that can complement your workforce.

Our T/A’s can slip into your team and go straight to work in any division with ease, allowing you to focus on project delivery and leave the HR stuff to us.

Tickets Held

The tickets listed are for reference only. The worker might hold other tickets which are not listed above.

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