Telehandler Operators
  • Service Area: Sydney Metro & NSW
Positive Attitude Multiple Tickets Trained In-house Full PPE Equipped if required
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Telehandler Operators [TMH]

What do you get when you cross a Forklift, a 4WD, an EWP and a Crane? The busiest machine on site that’s what. Officially known as the Telescopic Materials Handler, the insanely agile TMH [or Tele] is the machine that will turn a smart job site into a genius one. But does the machine take all the glory, or can we give some credit to the Operator?


When the Telehandler was launched in 1977 Construction Managers and Supervisors rejoiced the world over. Whilst this could be a slight exaggeration, when coupled with a slick operator the modest Tele has proven itself time and again as the machine to have on site. And with Perfect Hire’s specialised interview, induction and VOC process – you can feel confident your Telehandler will be championing it’s way across your site in no time flat.

How do we know? We’ve proved it on the Manitou in our yard. Perfect Hire was borne of Perfect Contracting and having your roots in unrestricted demolition has it’s advantages. With scores of machinery and space to burn, Perfect Hire can VOC almost every qualification we offer. So if your site needs a Tele Op that can move concrete blocks then that’s what we’ll send because we’ve verified it. If you need one that can help rig and assemble pallet racking for a new warehouse then that’s who will arrive. Heck, we can send an Operator w/CN Crane that can use your jib attachment. For us, there is no point sending a worker that we’re unsure can do the job. There’s just too much risk.

We can – and will – find the right Telehandler Operator for your team. A word of warning though. Once they get on site you may not want to let them go.