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Loader Operators [LL]

When product or spoil needs to be shifted en masse, the Front End Wheel Loader comes into the fray. But with great power comes great responsibility and with buckets of man-crushing power on tap, a Perfect Hire Wheel Loader operator is one safety conscious and experienced individual.


Long before the slick, refined Wheel Loader you see today lived the rudimentary Volvo H10. Despite not being much more than a tractor with reversed seating and a rear-mounted twin-cylinder lifting platform, the H10 quickly made an impression with it’s ability to quickly and easily move large volumes of material in a very short time. Whilst those halcyon days bring with them fond memories, the modern counterparts of those early machines are truly something to behold. And with the right skipper on the tiller your stockpiles of spoil will begin to quiver in fear.

Quarries, civil construction and demolition sites, masonry recycling plants, refuse facilities and mines are just some of the operational environments Perfect Hire Loader operators find themselves. And with diverse brands like Cat, Komatsu, Volvo and Case – our Loader operators will slide into the seat and be trimming and carting their way across your site in not time. Almost always working in close quarters with truck-and-dogs, tippers and office or weighbridge staff means that Perfect Hire Loader Operators have superb communication skills. Often as the senior site plant operator our Loader Operators possess strong leadership skills to help create order among the chaos. With steady hand and unrivaled spatial awareness, Perfect Hire’s Wheel Loader operators are some of the best there are.

Perfect Hire Loader Operators – Wheel Get It Done.