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Artic Haul Truck/Moxy Operators [HS]

Take equal parts Dump Truck and Tractor, inject it with Viking DNA and let it freeze in a Scandinavian winter for forty years. Articulated Haul Trucks [aka an Artic or Moxy] are six-wheel drive, mud-hauling monsters that are not known for their subtlety. But when you can cart up to 50t at a time – does understated even apply?


Four-wheel drive is so 1950’s. So when Volvo and Moxy Engineering released their first 6×6 Artic Haul Trucks in the sixties and seventies they quickly established themselves as the premiere mid-range ADT’s for large construction and mining applications. These triple-locked, diesel-drinking, mud-slinging, six-wheel drive tippers are almost unstoppable in any terrain. And under the right pilotage, they make a formidable asset to any large mining, construction or demolition site.

Given their sheer volume and velocity, astute Moxy Operators are sharp individuals indeed. And as the only known labour hirer that VOC’s all specialised workers during the interview process, Perfect Hire Moxy drivers are some of the best there are. Which means you can forget all the boring HR guff and fix your gaze on what’s truly important: project delivery.

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