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  • Service Area: Sydney Metro & NSW
Positive Attitude Multiple Tickets Trained In-house Full PPE Equipped if required
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Traffic Controllers

Perfect offer the services of experienced Traffic Controllers who possess an ample amount of experience having worked on and for different projects. The traffic controllers at Perfect are fully aware of all the necessary rules and regulations pertaining to the job.


The Traffic Controllers at Perfect have gone through formal training of traffic controlling and know all the rules, regulations, and necessary aspects of traffic controlling to divert traffic from a worksite. They are also experienced in controlling general traffic and have passed traffic controlling courses with required certifications. They have all the necessary expertise for directing traffic to protect the work crew at a worksite and ensure their safety. They can direct the actions of motoring and pedestrian traffic for their safety and the safety of the workforce at the site. With that, they are also trained to look after their own safety so they can properly cater to their own responsibilities while also keeping the workforce and general public safe.

The traffic controllers at Perfect are fully aware of job hazards associated with this particular role and are always ready to face them head-on. High traffic volumes, managing speed limits, sight distances, using tools and equipment (including signs and signals) proximity of heavy equipment, etc. are but a few roles our traffic controllers are proficient in.