Labour Hire Sydney: The Industry is growing

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Labour Hire Sydney: The Industry is growing

Labour Hire is currently at an all-time high in Sydney. It is because of its massive amount of construction, infrastructure, civil and fit-out projects in full swing across the city. The demand for Labour Hire in Sydney has never been greater. Some of the key factors for this are the rise of unemployment. It coupled with the lack of youth that is entering the Construction Industry. According to the 2017 IBIS World Report, the Labour Hire industry currently stands at $20bn with an average annual growth of 2.2%.

With the growth of this demand, Sydney is a dream destination for migrant workers to settle. With its fantastic weather, great quality of life and multicultural diversity. It is also the number one city in Australia for jobs and career opportunities. So, it is no wonder there is a constant supply of skilled migrant workers looking to start a life in Sydney.

Unfortunately, this massive demand for skilled labour in the construction industry has also seen a growth of rogue labour hire agencies. They are trying to make a quick buck by exploiting these migrant workers. By paying poor wages, providing no training or career pathway and sending inexperienced workers to sites all across the city. These rogue agencies are only interested in how much they can get from their clients with absolutely no care for their workers.

Why choose Perfect Labour Hire?

Here at Perfect Labour Hire, we are tackling these issues head-on. We provide in-house training for each and every one of our new recruits. Also, we ensure everyone goes through our full company Induction, which includes a twenty-minute safety video followed by our questionnaire. We perform compulsory drug and alcohol tests on all our new recruits. It is to ensure we are maintaining our high standards.

Along with our in-house training and induction, we provide all our team members with full branded uniforms. We also provide them with all PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment ) ie. Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, Steel Toe Boots, Gloves and Ear Protection. Moreover, we test all our recruits on sites with our most experienced team members to monitor their progress and ensure they comply with our company ethos.

We always encourage them to upskill by paying for industry tickets such as RIW, Confined Space, Working at Heights, First Aid, Traffic Control and Elevated Working Platform tickets. We provide a full career pathway right the way from General Labour to Project Manager.

If you are looking for the BEST PRACTICE LABOUR HIRE IN SYDNEY give our guys in Operations a call today on (02) 8021 1784 and book it in. You won’t be disappointed!