Worker of the Month – April 2023

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Worker of the Month – April 2023

In 2020, Perfect Labour Hire implemented the Worker of the Month program as a means of motivating our team members to consistently enhance their OH&S requirements and cultivate a strong work ethic. Additionally, the program enables our workers to acquire valuable tickets that enhance their skill set and ensure long-term employment.

The criteria include:

  • Exceptional work ethic in their role.
  • Keeping up to date with documentation like Fit For Work Forms and Timesheets.
  • Maintaining communication with the office – returning text messages, missed calls, and emails.
  • Having a positive relationship with the client to cement their role on-site and future business.
  • Representing Perfect Labour Hire well in the public eye.
  • Helping out new workers on-site where needed.
  • Generally excelling at all aspects of their daily work

It is May, which means Perfect Labour Hire’s Worker of the Month for April needs an announcement! And the worker is Alejandra Baquero Fajardo.

Alejandra has been with Perfect Labour Hire for 7 months and consistently demonstrated exceptional performance. Her recent task involved working in the manufacturing of ATM machines at Ecash Holdings’ North Ryde location, where she proved to be a dependable and hard-working team member. Alejandra‘s reliability, strong work ethic, and perform her duties without complaint earned her high praise from the client, who is thoroughly impressed with her valuable contributions.

We are delighted to have Alejandra on our team, as she is a pleasure to work with. She consistently arrives punctually, fulfils all HSEQ requirements, and demonstrates unwavering dedication to every task at hand.

As is tradition, Perfect Labour Hire’s Worker of the Month award receives a construction ticket of their choice.

Congratulations Alejandra and thank you for your hard work and dedication!

~ Reece, Jose, Aaron and Estid.