Demolition Labour Jobs in Sydney

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Demolition Labour Jobs in Sydney

With the Construction Industry in a massive boom at the moment in Sydney, there is a massive demand for Demolition Labourers. As complete new fit-outs or major refresher projects on all the train station, demolition is in high demand.

If you are looking to work in the demolition industry, then Perfect Labour Hire is the perfect place to start your career. As we are part of a large construction group and one of our sister companies is Perfect Contracting a large demolition contractor in Sydney.

Types of Demolition Works our Demolition Labourers can carry out

Strip outs

We use the strip out term in the demolition industry for the strip out of an office or commercial area that is being upgraded or revamped.


Jackhammering is a major part of being a demolition labourer. Our demolition labourers use Jack Hammers on a daily basis to perform concrete breaking services for our clients.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal is a massive part of the work we carry out. We are a licenced Asbestos Removal Contractor and perform various Asbestos Removal services for our clients.

Excavator/Loader Operators

Our Excavator and Loader Operators are in high demand in the Construction industry, as the industry needs them for large commercial demolition projects.

Waste Removal

Our demolition labourers can carry out any Waste Removal projects you have. With the large resources from Perfect Group, we have a large fleet of Skips and Trucks to carry out large-scale waste removal projects.

What do I need to get a demolition labourer job in Sydney?

All demolition labourer jobs around Sydney are in the Construction Industry. So, to work on Construction sites across NSW, it is required to have a White Card and PPE.

White Card

It is required to have a White Card to work on construction sites across NSW. So, firstly secure your White Card. There are a number of providers when it comes to White Card courses in Sydney. Here is a list of WorkSafe-approved course providers – white card induction course providers.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Another essential part of the Demolition Jobs in Sydney is safety, as Demolition is one of the most dangerous industries, and there is massive importance on health and safety. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) plays a massive role in keeping workers safe, while on-site, and is a requirement to work on sites all across Sydney. There are lots of places to purchase PPE without breaking the bank, Kmart actually has a very good selection of work ware like Hi-Vis Shirts, Safety Boots and work clothes which are actually very good quality and reasonably priced.

Where can I seek casual work?

There are a number of ways you can find Demolition Labourer jobs in Sydney. Here is a list of some of the most popular websites you can find casual jobs in construction on:


Also, you could save yourself a load of hassle and just apply to become of the Perfect family here at Perfect Labour Hire. We will provide you with our in-house safety and tool training; supply you with full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and Uniforms. We provide you with a career pathway and map out a way for you to work from General Labourer right up to Project Manager.

The advantages of joining Perfect Labour Hire:

  • Stable ongoing work
  • Competitive Rates
  • In-house training provided
  • A strong emphasis on safety
  • Career Pathway’s
  • A great work culture with plenty of work outings like BBQs, Paintballing and Go-Karting.
  • Flexible working hours with day and night shifts available
  • Uniforms

So, if you are looking to work in Demolition here in Sydney to start your career, then apply for Perfect Labour Hire. You can work for some of the biggest construction companies in the country and build your experience with us.