1,300 new construction roles in NSW thanks to the NBN

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New construction roles in NSW

The National Broadband Network (NBN) begins to unfold around the country. So, its installation is benefitting more than just those who will eventually use it.

In a press release published in August, the NBN announced plans to double the current workforce. The tasks with the monumental job of installing the hardware around the country. This move will benefit thousands of workers. With approximately 1,300 new jobs set for New South Wales.

The National Broadband Network in a nutshell

The National Broadband Network is very much what it sounds like. It’s the new and improved service for phones and the Internet around Australia. It will replace the old copper wires with a web of fibre, fixed wireless, and satellite connections.

The rollout has really only just begun. Firstly, the company plans to have the network available to 9 million homes and businesses by 2018. Also, they cover everything from faster Internet speeds to more reliability. Moreover, they cover greater ease of use for more people and greater access.  

Businesses are expected to be able to compete on the world stage with the levels of service available. So, people everywhere should see an improvement in personal use. Naturally, all of this is taking some serious manpower to launch.

New construction roles for NSW workers

There are already some 4,500 workers on the job around Australia. In a recent announcement from the NBN, that figure is set to double in an effort to speed up the process.

“To bring high-speed broadband to Australians faster, our delivery partners will need a bigger pool of trained, skilled workers,” explained the CEO of the NBN, Bill Morrow.

Putting its money where its mouth is, the NBN is expected to invest an additional $40 million into attracting and training workers in the industry to make the 2018 goal a reality.

Of these extra construction roles, as many as 1,300 will go to workers in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

The NBN is looking for anyone with skills. From telco copper cable jointers and telco to electrical line workers, technicians, and cablers.

That said, the company is not just looking for experienced workers. So, both school leavers and construction workers from other specialties will be welcome to train up and upskill. The NBN highlights that many jobs will be available at the end of the project for maintenance throughout the future of the network.

Opportunities will be abundant for anyone with telco experience. This massive training endeavour will require a workforce of coaches, as well.

“To those with telco experience, there are options to use your skills or become a teacher and coach for the next generation of workers,” said Mr. Morrow.

Although he explained that the industry currently sits. However, there is still a real skills shortage for NBN-related jobs.

“If I look over the next two or three years, we have a shortage of about 4,000 people. And I don’t know where we’re going to get them.”

This may present a fantastic opportunity for labourers and those looking to get into the construction industry in Australia.