Wear Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If you are working in the Construction Industry in Sydney then you would of heard the term “PPE” short for Personal Protective Equipment. Personal Protective Equipment is essential on every building site in Sydney and across greater New South Wales.

Here at Perfect Hire we supply all our team members with all appropriate PPE they are required to wear out on site in Sydney. Through our recruitment and training processes we teach each and every team members the importance of always wearing FULL PPE. We always get the questions like “why do have to wear it?”. Well apart from it being a legal requirement on all live building sites in Sydney and NSW. PPE provides essential protection from a multitude of dangers you can encounter while on site.

Most construction jobs across Sydney will be carried out on live construction sites. So it is a requirement to have full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

So what types of PPE are there?

We require that all staff members have FULL PPE. It is a requirement by state law that FULL PPE must be worn when on a construction site. The safety of our team members is our No1 priority. So we will not accept anyone who doesn’t have FULL PPE.

Hard Hat

Hard Hats are an essential piece of PPE. They protect your head from potential falling objects on a construction site and could save your life.

Safety Boots

Steel Toe Boots are also a very important piece of work ware. We would recommend investing a good comfortable pair as you will be spending long periods of time in them while on site.

Hi-Vis Jacket

With Hard Hats and Safety Boots, Hi-Vis Jackets are a requirement by law to be worn at all times on a construction site and a very essential piece of equipment as a construction worker to ensure that Truck Drivers and Excavator operators can spot you.

Safety Glasses

Due to the dangerous nature of live constriction sites, it is a requirement to wear safety glasses. These will help to protect your eyes from potential hazards.

Ear Plugs

Working on a live construction site can be a very noisy environment, with noise pollution from heavy trucks to machinery and power tools. Ear Protection is an essential piece of equipment to have to prevent the high dB levels of noise from damaging your hearing.

Sun Screen 

Sun Screen is not a requirement but it is highly recommended by Perfect Labour Hire as you will be spending most of your time outside and with the summer just around the corner it is important to protect yourself from the power of the sun.