Skilled labourers at 50 Bridge St, Sydney

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Skilled labourers at 50 Bridge St, Sydney

Perfect Hire is currently supplying our client BG&E Construction and Engineering Services with a crew of four of our skilled labourers. Perfect hire helps to carry out investigation works. The scope of work for this project is to complete over 10,000 wall penetrations tests. It is to determine the density and strength of the concrete. Our client requested that Perfect Hire supply all tools and equipment needed to carry out the task at hand. Our account managers ensured that all our team members had the correct tools and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to carry out the work.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

All the works were being carried out up multiple levels on scaffolding. So, it was a requirement to ensure all our skilled labourers had appropriate fall safety equipment to ensure that no tools or equipment could fall throughout the works. For our Hilti TE6 Hammer Drills, we used Technique Auto-Lock Bungee Tethers rated to 4.5kg. These allowed our team members to securely tether the Hilti TE6 Hammer Drills to the scaffold. Therefore, preventing the drill from falling.

Another piece of equipment we ensured our team members had was chinstraps for their hard hats. It ensures that they stay securely on their heads and prevents them from slipping off.

Working at Heights

For workers at height, the number one safety concern is preventing a fall, whether it be a person or object. According to Safe Work Australia, falls are a major cause of death and serious injury in Australian workplaces. Besides that, being struck by a falling object is a leading cause of injury for workers and the 4th highest cause of death in the industry.

This is why we take Working at Heights very seriously for our skilled labourers here at Perfect Hire. We ensure to put all our team members through external Working at Height courses and Elevated Working Platform courses. As well as this, we also prepare SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) for each and every task our team members undertake.