Do you think you can trust high risk tickets?

  • magda
High-risk ticket

In recent years there has been a paradigm shift from the use of RTO-delivered qualifications to determine worker competency in some high risk areas of construction. This shift, led by the nation’s biggest building contractors and driven by a loosely regulated training sector, has pushed major construction projects to ascertain worker skill sets on site via the Verification Of Competency or VOC. But what if you needed to know if a worker was competent prior to their arrival on site? This is where the pre-employment VOC makes its debut.

Since the introduction of this aspect of our recruitment in mid-2019, Perfect Hire has seen an uptick not only in applicant quality, but also in placement longevity once those workers head to site. No longer does the labour hire industry have to be so hit-and-miss. From the humble beginnings of our half-day Tool Training Course for fresh CW1’s, our measures to verify worker competency [and train out any gaps] has seen the Perfect Group grow to the world class demolition, concrete care and labour hire entity that it is. We have unrivaled access to equipment [and the know-how to use that equipment] never seen in the labour hire and recruitment space. Fabricators are put on the MIG, arc or TIG. Plant operators are given a machine and a stockpile. Riggers a sling and some shackles. In this way we are unique. And can offer certainty where others can’t. In short – we know a worker is competent in their field because we’ve seen them do it.

So whilst there is absolutely the need for RTO-delivered qualifications and even site VOC’s, all the guesswork about your hired labour has been taken care of. By us.