Providing labour for a Railway shutdown at Tempe Station

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Providing labour for a Railway shutdown at Tempe Station

Perfect was engaged by one of our long-term clients to provide labour for a Railway shutdown at Tempe Station. This was the latest of many possessions and day works we have assisted them with at Tempe.

The scope of the work was to remove the concrete precast treads leading up to the station. However, this changed on the day and the scope extended to OXY cut the tread support beams, and remove them.

Due to the age of the structure, it was covered in lead paint. Besides that, our workers were required to “suit up” to protect themselves from lead absorption.

Usually, these additional changes to scope, methodology, and conditions would seem a daunting task for most skilled labourers. However, our workers took it in their stride. Being skilled labours from Perfect Hire they have already been trained in OXY Cutting, have worked on our own Hazmat and demolition sites, and are willing and able to complete the railway station-related tasks needed safely, efficiently, and under the constraints of working on a railway possession.

A big thank you goes out to our workers, Noa, Jose, Murillo, Douglas, and Ruben. Putting the hard yards in and showing what our workers are truly capable of.