About us

Perfect Hire is truly an industry-leading labour hirer focusing on niche and difficult-to-find site workers. Ranging from experienced skilled labourers to stainless TIG welders to IRATA/SPRAT L3 rope access riggers and beyond, Perfect Hire is equipped to find the temporary, temp-to-perm and permanent workforce you need.

Born of Perfect Contracting DNA, Perfect Hire has its roots in demolition, construction and remediation. With a management team comprised solely of ex-site workers, Perfect Hire has been in the trenches. Much of the management team are still in the trenches, continuing to work on-site during tier-one possessions and shutdowns. That experience brings an understanding that only site workers can appreciate.

Comprised of GM Tim Fitzgibbon, labour-hire professional Ken Smith and ex-demo worker Jose DominguesPerfect Hire is the fastest growing tier-one supply labour-hire in Sydney. Our workers have been requested at long-term remediation projects on several national landmarks and tier-one infrastructure projects across greater Sydney. Additionally, our workforce has been invited to resource sector demolition, remediation and construction projects nationwide.

‘You can train skills but not attitude.’

The Perfect Hire recruitment process is lengthy, with a focus on worker outlook over talent. Tickets can be obtained and experience gained but without desire neither will matter. Workers are pre-screened, phone screened, face-to-face interviewed one-on-one and then put through a VOC on the machinery/equipment for their upcoming role. With a range of machinery at our disposal like excavators, EWP’s, skid-steers and trucks as well as an asset shed with every tool known to man, Perfect Hire can ensure that the worker you request is the worker you get.

Finding, recruiting and allocating the Perfect Hire workforce utilises state-of-the-art, time-critical and geo-sensitive software. This gives Tim, Ken and Jose real-time workforce data, allowing up-to-the-minute flexibility to get workers where they’re needed as soon as possible. The record stands at: fifty potential friable asbestos workers whittled down to an order of seventeen, Perfect Hire interviewed & inducted, masks rented & fit tested, Perfect Hire PPE and uniforms issued, two clients online inductions and one site induction completed within seven days. The workers were sent to a tier-one major infrastructure project for three weeks of night shift friable asbestos removal.

The final point of difference of Perfect Hire encompasses all aspects of the businesses operation: personalisation. From the first contact to the last contact, clients and workers alike are treated individually and with respect. As a result, many times workers find us instead of us having to search for them.

Perfect Hire has set a new national standard for labour-hire. Not just because we wanted to be the best, but because the workers and clients deserve it. If the bar is high then there is a strive to reach it, to achieve it and to set it higher next time. Let us find the right site workers for you.