Skilled Rail Industry Workers

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Skilled Rail Industry Workers

With all the Infrastructure projects going on around Sydney from roads and tunnels to railways and bridges, it has never been more important to have access to a large skilled workforce that can carry out these projects.

Perfect Hire is one of the few labour-hire firms. It can offer highly trained and skilled RIW (Rail Industry Worker) labour. These labours can carry out works on the rail networks all across Sydney. You can rely on our team members to carry out any projects you need to do. Also, we can provide the best quality equipment on the market saving you time and money sourcing from multiple suppliers.

What are the advantages of using Perfect Hire?


Our team members have years of experience working on rail projects and are the best industry rail workers all across the Sydney metro area.


Each and every team member goes through our in-house Safety & Equipment training to ensure their safety.


Perfect Hire is the first company to offer LABOUR WITH TOOLS, meaning with one phone call you can book in skilled guys and the equipment you need to get the job done!


Organising skilled labour and equipment from multiple suppliers can be very time-consuming and end up costing more. Save yourself time and money by booking skilled labour with the tools you need all from one phone call.


Perfect Hire has a stellar record working with some of Sydney’s biggest Rail contractors. We invest a lot of time and money in our team members ensuring you get the best, most reliable labour on the market.

What other certified labour does Perfect Hire provide?

Many of our team members have numerous certifications and tickets, which we have helped them obtain over the years. We set up a career pathway for each of our team members. So, we can help them get to where they want to be.

EWP Operators

We have experienced EWP Operators with (UP TO 11M) and (OVER 11M) tickets available depending on the requirements for your project.

Traffic Controllers

We have a number of experienced traffic controllers that have worked on all sizes of projects across the Sydney metro area.

Confined Space

Many of our team members carry the Confined Space certification and can carry out work for you in confined spaces.

Working at Heights

Working at heights is one of the most dangerous tasks that can be carried out in construction. That’s why it is important to ensure you use labour with the necessary certifications to carry out work at heights.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal is a dangerous task and should only be carried out by licensed contractors like Perfect Hire. We are licenced (License No. AD212250) to carry out non-friable asbestos removal works. We have a number of experienced team members that can help you carry out delicate asbestos removal works.

Material Hoist Operators

Here at Perfect Hire, we have a number of experienced material hoist operators that have worked on a number of large projects around Sydney.

Excavator Operators

Our Excavator Operators have years of experience working on everything. It is from 0.8t mini excavators right up to 60T and 70T machines. They can carry out any type of excavation works you require like pipe laying, trenching, deep excavation, loading trucks, site remediation or any other types of works you are looking to carry out.