Worker of the month – May

  • magda
Worker of the month - May

Perfect Labour Hire has introduced a worker of the month award!

It will be given once a month to the worker who exhibits the most outstanding work in their field. May 2020 is the first month of the award. The criteria includes;

  • Exceptional work ethic in their role.
  • Keeping up to date with documentation like Fit For Work Forms and Timesheets.
  • Maintaining communication with the office – returning text messages, missed calls and emails.
  • Having a positive relationship with the client to cement their role on site and future business.
  • Representing Perfect Labour Hire well in the public eye.
  • Helping out new workers on site where needed.
  • Generally excelling at all aspects of their daily work.

The inaugural winner is Wilhmar Espino, a TIG welder on site at the Crown Hotel Casino with the American stainless steel pool company Bradford Products LLC. Wil’s documentation is complete every day, he is in contact with the office when required and has an exceptional relationship with the client. What really made Wil the stand-out for the May award was that when the coronavirus hit and Bradford’s two American supervisors returned to the US, Wil stepped up and ran the job until Bradford could get a supervisor on site. He is still the most senior worker on site as he has been there since the beginning of the project and will no doubt see it through to the end. Wil has asked for a new welding jacket as his prize.

Thanks Wil, really excellent work!