Worker of the month – June

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Worker of the month - June

Perfect Labour Hire’s worker of the month strikes again!

Like last month, this award goes to the worker who performs brilliantly in their field. The prize is $200 towards a ticket or $200 of gear for your role. The criteria includes;

  • Exceptional work ethic in their role.
  • Keeping up to date with documentation like Fit For Work Forms and Timesheets.
  • Maintaining communication with the office – returning text messages, missed calls and emails.
  • Having a positive relationship with the client to cement their role on site and future business.
  • Representing Perfect Labour Hire well in the public eye.
  • Helping out new workers on site where needed.
  • Generally excelling at all aspects of their daily work

Meurig’s approach has been outstanding since the day he set foot in the Perfect office, from compliance documentation to maintaining communication with the office and representing Perfect with class in the public eye. What really stood Meurig out for this month’s award was two things; a] his constant communication with the office, which includes returning calls, emails and Assignar texts when needed and by winning the coveted SPA Marvel Award for Safety and Legacy.

Thanks Meurig, brilliant work as usual

The July 2020 award will be announced in the first week of August.


Tim, Daniel and Andrew