What construction jobs are in Sydney?

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With the massive construction boom at the moment in Sydney, it has never been easier to start working in this industry. There is a number of different roles young people can start to build a very successful career in construction. In modern times a negative stigma has been related to a career in construction that most of the industry is uneducated and it doesn’t pay very well, but contrary to this there are a lot of very well educated people in the construction Industry from Project Engineers to Architects and Building Designers. Along with these highly educated positions comes a very generous salary.

How to get Construction Jobs in Sydney

There is a few steps to take before you can start your career in construction around Sydney.

Step 1. Secure yourself a White Card and Personal Protective Equipment

It is a requirement to have what’s called a White Card to work on Construction sites across NSW. There are a number of ways to get yourself a White Card, you can do an online course where they will present you with questions and once you complete the course and pay the fee the White Card will be post out to you. If you need it in more of a hurry you can go and sit a one day course and you will be given the card that same day. There are numerous providers when it comes to White Card courses in Sydney here is a list of WorkSafe approved course providers – white card induction course providers.

Another essential part of the Construction Jobs in Sydney is safety as Construction is one of the most dangerous industries there is a massive importance on health and safety. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) plays a massive role in keeping workers safe while on site and is a requirement to work on sites all across Sydney. So we would advise in investing in Personal Protective Equipment and ensuring you always have every piece every time you show up to site, as you will be sent home if you do not have all PPE. There is lots of places to purchase PPE without breaking the bank, Kmart actually have a very good selection of work ware like Hi-Vis Shirts, Safety Boots and work clothes which are actually very good quality and reasonably priced.

Step 2. Your CV or Curriculum Vitae

Your CV is now very important to secure a job in construction as employers use your CV to gain an understanding of your character and experience. If you have any prior experience in Construction make sure to list all the tasks you can perform any relevant industry tickets you have secured and how long you have been working in the Industry. Also make sure you supply at least two to three references, as they will give you an advantage over somebody who does not provide any. Make sure to inform all you’re past employers that you will be using them as a reference for the position you are applying for. Unlike other industries it is important that you do not lie on you cv about your experience, as this is not an industry you can hide and hope to “Wing It”. If you do not have any experience then do not worry to much if you even only worked in KFC for example do not hesitate to put this down as it shows you are keen to work and tells a lot about your character.

Step 3. Where do I look for Jobs in Construction?

Now that you have your White Card, PPE and your CV you can now start looking to start your career in construction. Most jobs in construction will be advertised online on a number different websites. Here is a list of some of the most popular websites you can find jobs in construction on:

how to apply for construction jobs in sydney
  • seek.com.au
  • au.indeed.com
  • gumtree.com.au
  • backpackerjobsboard.com.au
  • jora.com.au

Or you could save yourself all that hassle and apply for a job in Perfect Labour Hire; we always have a number of openings in various different positions.

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  • Uniforms

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Step 4. The Interview Stage

Congratulations, if you have made it to interview stage it shows that the company likes what they see on your CV and now is your time to impress in person. Most construction companies in Sydney will hold punctuality very important as if you show up late to site for a client it not only looks bad for yourself but the company as well. A good tip is to show up early usually 20-30 mins before you are scheduled this shows you are punctual and that you are keen to get the position. This will go a long way to giving you the best possible chance of securing the position on offer.

During the interview be sure to communicate how hard working you are and willing to learn. There is a massive opportunity for jobs in construction right now as there is actually a workforce shortage, which means not enough young people are entering the construction sector at the moment. So most construction companies will accept hard workers who are willing to learn and apply themselves. Here at Perfect Labour Hire we provide a career pathway for all our new team members. We find out where you are and where you want to go and set out a pathway for you to get there. We provide in-house training as well as provide you with finical support to pursue a career in construction.

Step 5. First day on site

Due to the high demand for construction workers around Sydney it is likely you will be starting work out on site the very next day after your interview. So it is important to be prepared, make sure you know the address of the site you have been sent to. Give it a quick check on Google Maps and find out the quickest route for you to take.

Ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before you are due to start so if your start time is 7am be sure to be on site for 6:45am and allow sufficient travel time and allow an extra few minutes for traffic or public transport delays.

It is crucial to make a good first impression as this will mean you will be in high demand and will have no shortage of work. So be sure to apply yourself and really make a good first impression.