Hilti Equipment & Safety Training

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Hilti Equipment & Safety Training

Recently our good friends at Hilti held an equipment and safety training day for some of our team members. They went through everything from Hilti chasers and demolition saws to jackhammers and grinders. They carefully explain the correct usage of each piece of equipment but also the maintenance procedures and important safety tips while operating their tools.

Perfect Labour Hire has been using Hilti tools and equipment for years. We strongly believe that Hilti have the best quality tools on the market and their customer service is second to none. So it was only natural that as the best practice labour hire solution in Sydney we would pair with the best tool brand.

We have built a strong relationship with Hilti over the years and provided valuable feedback to their design and manufacturing team. So they can improve their equipment. As with Perfect Labour Hire they can have a unique insight into how their equipment performs out on live sites across the Sydney Metro area.

Hilti DSH 900-X Demolition Saw

perfect hire hilti training day

First off their services professionals ran us through the DSH 900-X Petrol Demolition Saw the newest demo saw in their range.

The DSH 900-X has some major improvements from its predecessor the DSH 900. Most notably the inclusion of an easy-start system (automatic choke) which makes the saw easier to start than earlier models.

Along with the auto-choke this saw also boasts a whole new belt system that is far superior to its predecessors meaning less maintenance and better performance.QUOTE “ Hilti tools are by far, THE BEST QUALITY TOOLS ON THE MARKET 
– Mateusz Jedruszek, Managing Director – Perfect Labour Hire

After their service team ran through the correct usage of the demo saw and how to successfully maintain it they then gave us a demonstration of the demo saw in action and even allowed our team members a test run on a concrete slab.

perfect hire hilti training day
perfect hire hilti training day

I have to say our guys were really impressed with the performance of the new DSH 900-X demo saw. The power was instant and it could really get through the slab.

Next up was the Hilti DE-SE 20 Wall Chaser. This tool is great for running services along wall or floor slabs where you need to embed cables and then render over. Hilti’s services team professionally went through each and every piece of the DE-SE 20, from correct usage to how to maintain the tool.

Hilti DE-SE 20 Wall Chaser

The Hilti DE-SE 20 Wall Chaser is an essential tool for trades that run a lot of services along with wall and floor slabs. It features dual diamond cutting blades, which allow you to cut a trench in wall or floor slabs up to a depth of 40mm.

The DE-SE 20 is ergonomically designed to allow for continuous use without being a discomfort to the operator.

Following the usage and safety tutorial, they then allowed some of our team members to test the tool on a concrete slab to get a feel for it and give them pointers on how to use it correctly.

perfect hire hilti training day

QUOTE “It’s better to make your first run 20mm deep than trying to go 40mm right off the bat as once you have a guide it will be easier to make the second 20mm cut “
– Brad, Account Manager Electrical – Hilti Australia

Finally, Hilti provided us a with a demonstration of the Hilti TE 1000 and TE 1500 jackhammers. Now, these are tools all our team members are quite familiar with as they would use these on a day-to-day basis. But Hilti wanted to demonstrate the use of the TE DRS-B dust removal system paired with these jackhammers.

Hilti TE 1000/1500-AVR Jackhammers

perfect hire hilti training day

Perfect Labour Hire has been using the Hilti equipment like Jackhammer range from the small TE 50’s right up to the big TE 3000’s. That is why we simply find them to be the best jackhammers on the market.

However we don’t usually tend to pair them with the Hilti VC 40-U Wet & Dry Vacuums and the DRS-B Dust Removal Systems mainly because most of our clients do not require dust control.

Saying that though we were really impressed with how well the VC 40-U and DRS-B Dust Removal System worked with the TE 1500-AVR when our team members tested it out. It significantly reduced the amount of dust created while breaking the slab.

perfect hire hilti training day

As you can see from the resulting photo when the TE 1500-AVR was paired with the VC 40-U Wet & Dry Vacuum and the DRS-B Dust Removal System the concrete dust created while breaking was instantly sucked away allowing for a significant improvement in dust control.

We would like to thank everyone at Hilti for inviting us to their training centre for this day of training and look forward to attending similar training days in the future.