Civil Training

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Civil Training

Perfect Hire recently held our first Civil Training day for some of our new and existing team members. We will be hosting regular training sessions for our new existing members to gain valuable experience and knowledge about the Civil industry.

Ran by one of our supervisors Tim Fitzgibbons who has over 10 years experience in the Civil Industry our new existing members to were gain valuable experience and knowledge about the Civil works.

Starting out Tim went though the dangers of the industry and how important it is to remain switched on at all times as in the Civil Industry you are working around big heavy machinery most of the time and you must remain focused and aware of the dangers around you.

Our team members were shown what happens if the hydraulics fail on a quick release attachment fails and it drops the bucket. Tim cleverly demonstrated this using a melon (Shown the image above) showing what damage a 150kg – 250kg bucket can do to you.

Next our team members were shown how to use the laser level to get depths of trenches and how to communicate with an Excavator Operator. As well as this Tim went through how to work around an Excavator and the importance of remaining focused when working around such a powerful machine.

Once we went through the Laser level and the dangers of the swing area of an excavator. Tim then got the level he was looking for and then showed our team members how to use the Wacker Neuson Jumping Jack to compact the bottom of a trench.

Tim also went through the safe and correct use of our Wacker Neuson Plate Compactor and the different applications for the both of them.

Once everyone had used both the compactors Tim then moved onto our Husqvarna Demolition Saws and showed our team members how to start them, how to safely operate them and the dangers of the demolition saws.

Once everyone had successfully started and cut with the Husqvarna Demolition Saw, Tim then moved onto our large Hilti TE3000 Jackhammer and how to use it safely and the proper techniques to make their hammering more efficient.