Easy DIY tips to liven up your living room

  • magda
DIY tips

The living room is arguably the heart of the home. It’s where you gather the family, where you host drinks and nibbles with friends, where you watch the game and where you relax with a book at the end of the day. But when was the last time you made an effort to refresh this home hub? We will give some simple DIY tips for doing that.

Take a look at these easy and affordable ways you can liven up your living room.

Upgrade the lighting

For an item as simple as a lightbulb, it’s surprising how many different options and DIY tips there are. Areas such as the kitchen require bright light to see by, but in the living room, you can get away with warmer, yellow-toned bulbs that add as much atmosphere as they do light. Be sure to purchase an energy-efficient bulb and use ladder safety skills whenever you’re changing a bulb.

Another way to use lighting to revamp your living room is by adding cosy lamps, swapping out your old hanging shades with something modern, or installing new lights around the room. You only need to take wander around your local lighting store to get inspiration with the incredible options on display that can totally transform your room with the simple flick of a switch. If you are looking to install new lights, however, be sure to hire a professional to do the job safely.

Soft furnishings

You don’t have to even move the furniture to upgrade the soft furnishings. Take a look at your cushions, throw rugs, and rugs. When was the last time you bought new ones? Do you have any at all to start with?

Introducing a bold new colour in these areas can make a surprising difference for a very low cost. Consider two colours together such as a bright red and a natural beige, and remember that most stores will offer appro services so you can take them home to try them out with your current colour scheme.

Rearrange the furniture

When you moved in, you most likely placed the television where the plugs were, and then ordered everything around that. However, this might not be making the best use of the space or natural light.

Consider how you would arrange the living area without worrying about power cords. Then head down to your hardware store for the appropriate extension cords if you end up needing them. The space will feel brand new, all for the price of an adapter or extra cord!

Paint and wallpaper

Wallpaper is no longer limited to a range of outdated florals and birds. The variety of stunning modern patterns and designs is endless, and there are also simple block colours with intricate textures that can offer the colour appeal of paints with the style of fantastic embossing. Also, wallpaper is increasingly easy to apply without the help of a professional, or you can simply borrow one from us!

That said, a new paint job is another fun and easy option that you can manage over a long weekend. With the advent of the feature wall, you don’t even need to re-do the whole room. Simply pick one wall (aim for one that naturally draws the eye due to its location) and find a bold colour that will offset the rest of the room well. If you are unsure, there are plenty of paint visualisers online that will help you picture your room with the colours in place. This is how DIY tips help you much.