7 reasons why hiring your tools is best

  • magda
construction tools

Hiring tools is a fantastic way to get the job done with less fuss and less hassle. Why exactly? Here are seven reasons to hire your tools.

1. Storage

It’s all very well to own tools, but they’re hardly a collection that can fit into a cupboard.

When you hire your tools, you simply return them to us at Perfect Hire at the end of the project rather than trying to fit them into an overflowing garage or shed.

2. Maintenance

Even though many tools are top quality and are made to last, there are still maintenance needs for each one.

Whether that’s keeping them well oiled, sharp, charged, clean, or simply out of the rain and rust-free, you don’t need to worry about any of those when you simply pick up tools for when you need them.

3. Price

It’s hard to pick the single best reason for hiring tools, but this could be it. For many, the expense of purchasing even just one piece of equipment is a stretch for the budget.

Hiring costs a fraction of the price of purchasing, which helps keep your budget on track.

4. Quality

The tools on offer at Perfect Hire are top-of-the-line products from leading worldwide brands. When you hire, you are assured that the tool you hire has been chosen for its reliability, strength, and quality. No matter if it’s a hammer or a concrete mixer.

5. Advice

Every time you pick up a tool that you hire, you’ll be offered as much advice on its use and safety practices as you need. Or taking a step back from that, you’ll also be offered tips on how to choose the best product for the project you’re working on.

Or taking a step forward, Perfect Hire even offers you the option of borrowing a skilled labourer to operate the tool as well.

6. Range

When you only have your shed full of tools at home to choose from for a particular job, you may end up simply ‘making do’ with whatever is at hand. This could lead to unsafe practices, a poorly finished project, or even a harder job for you.

By hiring your tools, you’ll know that you’ll have the most suitable piece of equipment for the task, no matter what project you’re working on.

7. Research

Let’s say that you do intend to go out and purchase an angle grinder at some point in the future. What better way to research the quality, feel, and capabilities of various sizes, models, and brands than by hiring them first?

Giving a few angle grinders a solid test run before making an investment in one can be a fantastic way to get a good understanding of what’s on the market and which one you prefer as your first step.