It’s Time To Shake The Dust Off.

  • magda

by Daniel Green

Very, very soon, life will return to the type of normality that we’ve been dreaming of. But there’s work to be done.

Do you remember where you were when the news of the pandemic hit? It was a Friday afternoon early in January 2020, I was winding down from the week and reminiscing about the Perfect Christmas party [if you ask anyone in the know they’re always legendary!]. At the time I was the group, HR Manager. So, I had my own office. Out of the blue the group GM Luke Hamblyn walked in, closed the door and with a somber expression told me my life was about to change.

Sadly, no one knew how much.



For almost two damn years this thing has upended our lives in every way imaginable. No matter how much we try and pretend, isolation has been tough. It has tested us at every level, most notably socially and financially. I think after October 11th anyone who utters the word ‘lockdown’ again will spark a riot.

But that’s all about to end.


ScoMo and Gladys have road mapped us out of this situation, the benchmark of which is 70% of the population fully vaxxed. Yep, as long as seventy percent of us have been double jabbed we can hit the beach, the gym, the pub, the cinema and if you are into it – each other.

It also means we’re going back to work.

Perfect Hire - work

Construction represents 10% of the national workforce. That means that we have a big part to play in returning the economy to full health. I mean, who else can single-handedly stave off an economic recession by buying servo pies and V four packs!

You probably never thought you’d hear it but Aussies are begging to return to work. Believe it or not, gainful employment provides a necessary structure that we actually need. Yes, it can be laborious, hard and even boring – but it is as important to our mental health as the good times it finances.

But with so much of the construction industry in flux, where can you go to get stable employment with a great company that has oodles of personality and a legendary workforce?

Right here. You know that’s where this was heading!

Perfect Hire

Throughout its twelve-year history and also during the “Ronavirus” Perfect has been lucky. Extremely lucky. Not only do we have world-class leadership in GM Luke Hamblyn & Founder/Director Matt Jedruszek, nice new machines & uniforms but ladies and gents – we have the work. Buckets of it. We don’t need to hitch up the ripper and dig down to it. It’s on the surface. Right here and now.

And we’re looking for you.

Perfect operates on the core idea that you can train skills but not attitude. We’re looking for good epic RIW workers, great awesome skilled labourers, fine outstanding construction labourers, capable champion chippies and adept first-rate asbestos removal workers! We have so many clients we’ve been trying to service. However, we haven’t been able to because everyone’s been locked down. The jobs are beginning to back up.

It’s about to pop!

The Perfect Group has three official divisions [Perfect Contracting, Perfect Labour Hire and Perfect Concrete Care], one more in its infancy [Perfect Remedial] and two more in planning [but we can’t tell you about those]. This is one of the advantages of working for us, we have multiple work opportunities under one roof.

Perfect Hire is run by Tim Fitzgibbon, who treats all his workers better than his army of dogs [and if you know Tim, this is a great honour because NO ONE gets treated better than his dogs]. He’s been in to bat for them on so many occasions it’s not even funny. In addition to supplying quality workers to long-term projects across the city, PH does all the recruitment for the Perfect Group.

Perfect Contracting Operations is headed up by Pckezmec Przemec, a guy we call Franky. For a guy whose phone never stops ringing and is in charge of a hundred-strong workforce, 30 heavy machines and 40 tippers and utes – he’s actually pretty relaxed.

Jaro Murgas [the J is pronounced like a Y], runs Concrete Care. When he’s not visiting the clients and booking jobs he’s shouting at the boys El Jannah or the dirty bird.

Both Franky and Jaro are dads to young kids, run very busy divisions and manage to stay pretty positive.

Additionally, Perfect uses and maintains only the best gear: Hilti, Tyrolit, Husky, Brokk, Yanmar, Kubota, Toyota, VW and Volvo. Asset Managers Daniel and Fabio make sure a] everything is there and operational and b] that they leave you in a better mood than you arrived with.

Coupled with a state-of-the-art digital timesheet system that allows you to be paid on time EVERY TIME, Perfect is quickly becoming the demo, civil, concrete care and labour hire contractor of choice. Except there’s only one problem with that.

We’ll need even more guys.