How to get Traffic Controller jobs in Sydney

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Traffic Controller Jobs in Sydney

Are you looking on becoming a traffic controller? Well at the moment traffic controllers are in really high demand here in Sydney. Traffic Controlling is essential by law across Australia so as a result there are many openings in this position. It is a great job for backpackers to get as it pays very well and is very flexible.

So how do you become a Traffic Controller?

First off you need to secure a number of tickets before you are legally allowed to work as a traffic controller in Sydney.

White Card

It is required by law to have a White Card to work on construction sites across Sydney and greater NSW and being as most traffic control jobs are on construction sites you will need to obtain a White Card.

There is a number of ways you can obtain a White Card for yourself; you can do an online course which takes roughly 1hr to answer a bunch of questions. Once you complete the course online and pay the fee’s the White Card will then be posted out to you. If you are in more of a rush to obtain one you can sit a half day course which involves learning from a slideshow and answering questions in relation to them. The advantage of doing the half-day course is you will be given your White Card there and then.

Traffic Control Course (previously known as the Blue Card)

It is a requirement in NSW for all Traffic Controllers to undergo the Traffic Control Course (this was previously known as the Blue Card). Recent legislation requires refresher training every three (3) years.

The Traffic Control course is a combination of English, videos, photos and questions to ensure everyone undertaking the course learns the required knowledge and skills.

Traffic Management Course (previously known as the Yellow Card)

This course, which was previously called the Yellow Card, allows you to set up and prepare a site as opposed to only using the stop/slow bats.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

As most Traffic Control jobs across Sydney will be carried out on live construction sites it is a requirement to have full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Hard Hat

Hard Hats are an essential piece of PPE they protect your head from potential falling objects on a construction site and could save your life.

Safety Boots

Steel Toe Boots are also a very important piece of work ware, we would recommend investing a good comfortable pair as if you are looking to become a Traffic Controller you will be standing in them for long periods of time so finding a good comfortable pair is essential.

Hi-Vis Jacket

Has with Hard Hats and Safety Boots, Hi-Vis Jackets are a requirement by law to be worn at all times on a construction site and the a very essential piece of equipment as a Traffic Controller to ensure that Truck Drivers and Excavator operators can spot you.

Safety Glasses

Due to the dangerous nature of live constriction sites it is a requirement to ware safety glasses. These will help to protect your eyes from potential hazards.

Ear Plugs

As you will more than likely be directing heavy traffic as well as Trucks and UTE’s to and from site Ear Protection is an essential piece of equipment to have to prevent the high dB levels of noise from damaging your hearing.

Sun Screen

Sun Screen is not a requirement but it is high recommended by Perfect Labour Hire as you will be spending 99% of your time standing outside and with the summer just around the corner it is important to protect yourself from the power of the sun.

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Traffic Controller Course

There is a number of places you can complete the traffic controller course around Sydney. Check out the chart below to see a list of approved Traffic Control Course providers across NSW.

Approved Traffic Control Training Providers

approved traffic control training providers

Where do I look for Traffic Controller jobs around Sydney?

Now that you have your White Card, PPE and Traffic Controller Tickets you can now start looking around for a Traffic Controller Job.

Here is a list of some of the most popular websites you can find jobs in construction on:


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What can I expect on my first day on site as a Traffic Controller?

Due to the law Traffic Controllers are essential for construction sites across NSW. Traffic Controllers are essential for a construction site to run smoothly, besides being a requirement by law traffic controllers help to organise the cement trucks that come into site, the civil trucks loading out soil the tradies coming in and out of site. When you combine all these together its quite a lot of traffic and without the Traffic Controllers there would be chaos.

Many expect that traffic controlling can be a boring job but it can be very challenging having to organise sometimes 20-30 cement trucks, civil trucks, Utes, vans and all the other vehicles that enter sites so expect to be kept on your toes.

One good tip for your first day on site would be to show up at least 20-30mins early as this will show to the site foreman that you can be trusted as if you do not show up the cement trucks cannot enter the site and the concrete will be spoilt and potentially cost thousands of dollars.

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