What its like to work for Perfect

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What its like to work for Perfect - employee interview

We recently interviewed one of our team members, Dylan Matusewicz on what it is like to work for Perfect. Dylan has been an outstanding team member for Perfect and has excelled in every task he has been assigned to.

Q1. Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m 19, from Sydney. Interested in Construction, going places in the world and I am just a general straight-up person.

Q2. How long have you been working for Perfect?

I think for 9 months now. I think it was November of last year I started working for Perfect and I’ve been flat out since.

Q3. Since you joined Perfect, how have they helped your career in construction?

Since I started there are always ample opportunities to go out and get tickets. You know, if you are interested, you can quite openly say to the guys in the office you’re interested and they will book you in, with regards to gaining tickets. They have opened up a lot of opportunities in regards to managing a job site and getting your head around how a job site runs. Not just working as a labourer but gaining valuable site experience and understanding of how the office work and site crew work together.

Q4. Would you say there is an opportunity to grow with Perfect?

Yea, 100%, there is always opportunity. Like I said before there are plenty of opportunities to get tickets and qualifications if you’re interested. You know we are always expanding our network with jobs and going to bigger and better sites. So there is always heaps of opportunity, you know whether you want to excel in one certain area like demolition or rail work.

Q5. What is the work culture like in Perfect?

I like the culture personally myself; I think it’s probably how a workplace should be. What I meant is that you have a task, it’s managed in a safe manner, you get all the correct equipment and safety requirements that are needed, and then the rest is up to the worker. Of course, if you are a good worker and knuckle down and do it then everyone’s going to be happy and that’s how I think a work culture should be.

Q6. Would you recommend a friend to work for Perfect?

Most definitely, I already have actually. I think, one of the best things about Perfect is mateship, you know a lot of other sites people take a negative attitude toward working with other people. But at Perfect it is built on a mates ship culture with hard workers which makes it easier. You know your working with your friends, once you get to know the other guy’s site.

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