Training: Equipment and Health & Safety

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Training: Equipment and Health & Safety

Perfect Hire recently completed a regular training session with some of our team members. We hold these Tool and Health & Safety training’s every couple of weeks. It is to ensure that all our team members know the proper operations of each tool they will be using. It is also for learning about the importance of using full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

We go through the entire range of tools that our team members will use on sites. It is from our biggest jackhammers, the Hilti TE3000 AVRright down to the smallest in our range the Hilti TE60 ATC AVR. Also, we cover the use of our grinder range from the Makita 5” Grinder and to the Hilti 9” grinders, teaching our team members the essentials in proper usage. From changing blades to making sure they ware all appropriate PPE. Also for ensuring they take the correct stance to maximise their safety.

Our site supervisor Puni Lio also went through tool maintenance and how to look after our tools when they are out on site. We use the highest quality of tools in the industry. So it is important to us that we make sure our tools are well looked after. This will decrease downtime on broken tools and maximise the life of the tool. All team members were instructed to contact our Yard and Office right if away if they see a broken tool or without valid electrical tagging.

We instructed our team members about the importance of always ensuring they wear full PPE while out on site. Educating them on the health hazards of concrete dust and its detrimental effect on the lungs to ensure they wore a face mask where necessary.

Perfect Hire General Manager Luke Hamblyn adds

We schedule training days like these for our guys. As it ensures we have a strong workforce that is aware of the risk and hazards in the construction industry. We find these training days have helped us maintain a long running safety record for our team members.

Luke Hamblyn