Excavator Work carried out in Killara, North Sydney

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Excavator Work Culworth, Killara, North-Sydney

Client: G & S Plumbing Group PTY Ltd
Location: 2-4 Culworth Ave, Killara, North-Sydney, NSW
Year Completed: 2016
Total Man Hours: 50
Start Date: 26/04/2016
End Date: 29/04/2016

Perfect Hire was engaged by G & S Plumbing Group PTY Ltd to provide a Yanmar 3.5t Excavator Hire and supply a Skilled Operator for works at 2-4 Culworth Ave, Killara, Sydney, NSW.

Work commenced on the 26th of April 2016. To ensure safety, our skilled operator completed a safety induction to enable him to work on the site. This being a massive scale excavation of up to 30ft depth safety was of up-most importance.

Perfect Hire supplied both machine and skilled operator for over 50 hours to complete the project, which involved making trenches to lay pressurised storm drain piping and back-fill with gravel when pipes were laid. Our Excavator Operator worked very closely with the site manager. It was to ensure that no pipes / electrical cables were hit while digging. Trenches were carefully marked out with green spray paint to ensure accuracy and safety. Our client G & S Plumbing Group PTY Ltd was very pleased with both the quality of our machine and the experience of our operator.