Ten Reasons To Work For A [Great] Labour Hire Company

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Work For A Labour Hire Company - Perfect Hire

By Daniel Green

Unfortunately, many workers who’ve spent even a short amount in labour hire don’t exactly find their experience memorable. Not only are there often late night changes to your work schedule, actually on site we can be treated like second class citizens. Couple that with some shady labour hire providers and you can quickly turn a superb worker into a jaded one. Fear not – for every cloud has a silver lining!

1. Mad [people] Skillz

While the aim of a labour hire provider is to find a long term placement for you, that’s not always possible – especially if you’re new. In the beginning you may find yourself visiting a new client every couple of days or weeks. Don’t despair, that just means you’re going to meet a lot of new and interesting people! People you wouldn’t have otherwise met. People that may just be great contacts to keep up your sleeve – if you make a good impression on them. This is especially the case if you’re in a small industry where everybody knows one another. Like Blast and Paint or Rope Access.

2. Mad Actual Skillz

Spending a lot of time in different businesses doesn’t just mean meeting new people, it means learning new skills. Lots of them. This can be advantageous because you learn to think on your feet and you generally become solution oriented. You also develop a wide range of skills that you can offer. In a short period of time you may just become known as the worker that can do anything – which means you’re extremely valuable.

3. You Put Your Left Foot In..

Living in this great nation means we have an incredible range of career choices. Unfortunately, too much choice can be daunting. Labour Hire is the only industry that allows you to dip your toe in the water before diving in head first. This means you can come to a more informed decision before choosing any single career path. You can try before you buy and if you don’t like it – you can take it back for a full refund!

4. Make It Rain

If you work for a high end labour hirer who chooses quality over quantity [both in terms of their workforce and their clientele] then you may find yourself getting paid more than the full time workers at your site. This is because some clients are willing to pay more for a better product: you.

5. Will The Real Slim Shady..

Traditionally the labour hire industry has attracted workers who simply couldn’t gain employment elsewhere. Things are changing for the better, but providers who don’t invest large volumes of time in proper recruitment are still perpetuating the trend. Don’t be concerned – be happy! If you’re a quality worker then this just means that standing out is child’s play! Just keep working to a high standard and soon you’ll be getting everyone’s attention.

Ten Reasons To Work For A Labour Hire Company

6. Being Bored is Boringly Boring.

Humans are odd creatures. We need to constantly find a balance between the two opposites of excitement and boredom. If we have too much of one we just don’t feel right. So if you’ve got an active mind, are a little restless or just want a little excitement in your life then about hire is probably a great place to spend some time. With so many workplaces on offer it’s almost a guarantee that you won’t get bored.

7. The Back Of Your Hand.

Travelling to a range of workplaces means that you’ll get to know the place pretty quickly – a huge advantage if you’ve just moved to a new city. Navigating your way around means you’ll spend lots of time looking at landmarks and businesses, so you may just come across interesting things you’ve always wanted to try. Things you would have never found if you didn’t travel different places to work!

8. Octopi.

Not all labour hire providers are standalone businesses. Many are just one arm of a larger organisation. Perfect Hire is but one division of the Perfect Group. The other three divisions being Perfect Contracting – an unrestricted demolition and hazmat removal company with a 200 strong workforce; Perfect Concrete Care – coring, scanning, cutting, patching, polishing and grinding and Perfect Remedial – remediation works in residential, commercial and industrial settings. So your job opportunities may be hugely increased!

9. The Tradesman’s Entrance.

Many high end companies have extremely stringent recruitment processes that can overlook great employees. Unfortunately this is just a fact of life. However, many of these businesses utilise labour hire to maintain some flexibility in their workforce. This means that if you make a killer impression with the site supervisor, you may just be able to find a way to work for them full time.

10. The Only Certainty..

Every business and industry goes through quiet periods [or as business owners sometimes call it: ‘periods of uncertainty’]. It’s just the world we live in and unfortunately, during these downturns some workers can be let go. However if you’re a labour hire worker – especially if you’re more than a one trick pony – you can easily be sent to another site or industry, meaning you can be sheltered from such fluctuations.

You’ve Gotta Do You.

Work For A Labour Hire Company

Labour Hire is not for everyone. There can be last minute changes due to things like weather, site delays or changes that flow onto you, lots of travel and varied working hours. But if you’re up for an adventure – especially one that helps pass those lockdown blues – it might be time to pick up the phone and get back out there.

Be careful though – you may have fun doing it!