Recruitment Boom After The Lockdown

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Recruitment Boom After The Lockdown

By Daniel Green

Finding a job in Australia has never been so easy.

Propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide border closures and police-enforced lockdowns, for two long years the Great Southern Land was deprived of the immigration that make up much of our national workforce. With the bulk of that behind us, business owners and managers are itching to get things moving again. And that means recruitment.

It’s a worker’s market.

In any scenario the monetary value of a thing depends on how much of that thing is available. In the case of job seekers, the lack of emigrating workers has driven up wages to a momentary high. Businesses that offer both great conditions and pay are the ones that will recruit the best talent.

Money talks. Right?

Market circumstances like this, however brief, often see loyalties fade. The grass just always seems greener.

However, in a reversal of this trend, Perfect has seen an increase in worker retention. Despite national data projections, key fiscal indicators, the price of wild saffron in Florida and how many field goals Tedesco has slotted – our people are doubling down on the orange and black. We’ve kept our workforce – and kept our workforce busy – to the highest degree in our 12 year history.

Why? We surveyed them to find out.

  1. Culture

    Perfect remains the most personable company many of us have worked for. It may sound foreign, but it actually feels good to come to work. Our leadership works hard to create a fun, stress-free environment. We hold regular social events from paintball to go-kart racing to axe-throwing to good old fashioned barbecues. Workers, leading hands and supervisors are given autonomy and responsibility. Regular team meetings ensure open, clear communication. Wellbeing initiatives like R U OK? And Mates in Construction have become a part of who we are. Flexibility is given to those who need it.

  2. Tools

    There is no shortage of equipment at Perfect. Equally as accurate is that there’s no shortage of good equipment. All of our 18v tools are Hilti or Makita. There’s whole racks of LED work lamps. Pallets of ratchet straps. Tonnes of dogging and rigging equipment. Scores of extension cords and hoses. There’s 20KvA 63a trailer-mounted diesel generators, Makinex pressure washers, Stihl demo saws and Tyrolit rings. Husky flush cuts and Miller welders. And enough utes and trucks to carry it all to site and back.

  3. Machinery

    Our vehicle fleet consists of Toyota, Isuzu, Mitsubishi and Ford – almost all bought within the last three years. Our small demolition equipment is new or near-new Yanmar, Kubota, Brokk, Bobcat and Husky. Our large demo gear is Volvo and.. Volvo. Servicing occurs as scheduled. Repairs are made as soon as faults are logged. Everything works.

  4. Remuneration

    Perfect understands that the pay rate is one of the most, if not the most important factors in a worker’s decision to begin and/or maintain employment. We offer great pay, working hard to match or exceed market rates. Timesheets are submitted digitally, reducing errors down to 0.3%. We pay in full, on time, every time.

  5. Free uniforms and PPE

    Upon commencement of employment every worker is issued rail-spec Perfect-branded uniforms. These are extremely high quality, breathable cotton drill work shirts. Winter sees us equipped with rail-spec waterproof rain jackets and cotton jumpers. In summer, short-sleeved polo shirts are offered. We buy and disperse PPE by the pallet. Gloves, glasses, ear plugs and face shields are free.

  6. Fieldworker

    We utilise a cloud-based app for virtually all documentation. From your initial induction to incident reports to machine fault logging to your timesheet – Fieldworker has the forms to report it. The days of paper are long gone.

A perfect storm of recent global events may have deprived our little island of the workers it needs it needs to maintain a strong economy. Those days are behind us now. Now is the time, as they say, to make hay.

For employment opportunities, please contact Tim on 0414 830 814.