Topmix: New permeable pavement that can absorb 4,000 litres of water a minute!

  • magda
Topmix: New permeable pavement

A new and improved variety of concrete developed in the U.K. called Topmix Permeable has been turning heads. The video shows a parking lot paved with Topmix. Topmix absorbs 4,000 litres of water in a minute. It is kind of magical to watch it disappear. Topmix, this new concrete, could potentially be a very useful tool in combating urban flash flooding from sudden, heavy storms. The type that is likely to become increasingly common because of climate change. This new product can potentially produce a solution for areas where flash flooding is common during heavy rain. Which are in parts of Sydney and New South Wales. This innovative new product could be a game-changer for commercial projects like pavements in streets or car parks that are prone to flooding.

How Topmix works

Unlike conventional concrete, Topmix has a high void content of between 20-35%. This allows surface water to drain through into the sub-strata and dissipate naturally. It reduces the risk of surface water flooding and watercourse contamination. This system allows all water falling onto the pavement to permeate through the TOPMIX PERMEABLE surface layer. It passes through the lower pavement courses, and into the sub-grade. Some water may be retained within the pavement reservoir before permeating into the sub-grade. Full infiltration systems do not discharge any additional water into traditional drainage systems. They may incorporate Geotextiles into the system. It depends on the nature of the sub-grade.