All Infrastructure Construction Projects in NSW Part One – January 2022 to June 2022

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Construction - Sydney

by Daniel Green

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in December 2019 it hobbled statewide construction projects across the board with some even coming to a complete standstill. However, like all economic recovery periods in modern history, our state, and national leaders are about to green-light infrastructure construction projects. Half a decade of it. As part of the COVID-19 Recovery Plan fund, other than existing projects like the Metro and the Western Sydney Airport, the state government is about to spend a cool three billion bucks getting us out of this mess. So, to help you through this transition period, we have compiled a definitive list. Some links will even show the primary contractor. Buckle up, it’s time to make hay! Remember – this is just for the first half of 2022!

1. John Hunter Hospital Redevelopment

  • Lambton Heights, NSW
  • Start Date: Q1, 2022
  • Budget: $835m

The John Hunter Health Campus expansion. It is a construction project that is designed to enhance the capabilities and capacity of the growing Greater Newcastle, Hunter New England, and northern NSW regions.

2. Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Redevelopment

  • Camperdown, Sydney
  • Start Date: Q1 2022
  • Budget: $750m

Sydney’s flagship health facility will significantly increase healthcare capacity for both metropolitan Sydney as well as NSW. This will meet burgeoning healthcare needs across the State as a leading Principal Referral Hospital.

3. Sydney Children’s Hospital Redevelopment

  • Randwick, NSW
  • Start Date: Q1, 2022
  • Budget: $658m

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Children’s Cancer Institute, and UNSW Sydney are working alongside Health Infrastructure to deliver Stage 1 of the Sydney Children’s Hospital. As well additionally, the project will see the opening of Australia’s first Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre–-sydney-children’s-

4. Westmead Children’s Hospital Redevelopment

  • Westmead, Sydney
  • Start Date: Q1, 2022
  • Budget: $619m

This significant expansion to paediatric health services in western Sydney will ensure The Children’s Hospital at Westmead continues to be a world leader in its field. The construction of a new paediatric services building and multi-storey car park will serve the existing and expanded Children’s Hospital as a construction project.’s-hospital-at-westmead-–-stage-2-rede

5. Heathcote Road Upgrade

  • Heathcote, NSW
  • Start Date: Q1, 2022
  • Budget: $188m

The Heathcote Road upgrade is an important project that will help reduce congestion, improve road safety and provide more reliable journeys for all road users. The NSW Government is upgrading the 2.2 kilometre section of Heathcote Road between Infantry Parade, Holsworthy, and The Avenue, Voyager Point.

6. Nancy Bird-Walton Airport Power Supply

  • Bankstown Line, Sydney
  • Start Date: Q1, 2022
  • Budget: $50m

Powering the new Western Sydney Airport is a crucial benchmark in the construction project’s development. This phase will see the completion of essential services on airport infrastructure and surroundings.

7. Sydney Metro City and Southwest

  • Bankstown Line, Sydney
  • Start Date: Q1, 2022
  • Budget: $100m

One new safety aspect of the Metro is the separation of commuters with rail assets in the form of Platform Screen Doors. These automated sliding doors will only open when the train has come to a complete stop.

8. Sydney Metro Bankstown Station

  • Bankstown Station, Sydney
  • Start Date: Q1, 2022
  • Budget: $500m

This vital hub will be completely overhauled to bring it in line with other Sydney Metro assets. This will include not just the station but its surroundings as well.

9. Murwillumbah Education Campus

  • Murwillumbah, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $250m

This campus will bring students together from Wollumbin High School as well as Murwillumbah Public, East Public & Murwillumbah High Schools. It will include a primary school, a high school, and school community health facilities co-located within an integrated, purpose designed & built education campus.

10. Edmonson Park Primary School

  • Edmonson Park, Sydney
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $100m

A new primary school in Edmondson Park is prioritised for planning and is being fast-tracked as part of the NSW Government’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan, included in a $300 million package of major school projects.

11. Googong Primary School

  • Googong, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $100m

Planning is underway to build a new primary school in Googong, this construction project will deliver facilities to accommodate up to 700 students.

12. Griffith Base Hospital Redevelopment

  • Griffith, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $250m

The Griffith Base Hospital redevelopment will include the construction of a new clinical services building featuring an Emergency Department, operating theatres, and medical imaging. Additionally, it will provide new services including aged care and rehabilitation inpatient beds.

13. Nepean Hospital Redevelopment

  • Kingswood, Sydney
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $1b

Nepean Hospital, which is the major metropolitan referral hospital for the western Sydney and Blue Mountains catchment areas, requires a significant expansion and upgrade of hospital and community-based services to meet the future health needs of the rapidly growing communities.

14. Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital Redevelopment

  • Nowra, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $438m

The Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital project will provide upgraded and contemporary facilities as well as an increased capacity to meet future population growth. Moreover, this will support the higher than average proportion of elderly and disadvantaged residents of the Shoalhaven region.
The redevelopment will support community health, strengthen care in the community and improve partnerships with other services.

15. Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precinct

  • Wagga Wagga, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $438m

This highly accessible location, courtesy of its rail and road connectivity with Australia’s major cities, creates incredible growth opportunities for existing businesses and new investors in the region.
The precinct will incorporate the Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics (RiFL) hub to create faster and easier access to national and international markets for regional producers.

16. M12 Motorway – Western Section

  • Western Sydney
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $2b

As part of the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, the M12 is expected to deliver reduced travel time but increased travel reliability. Its chief aim is to provide a high standard and efficient connection to the proposed Western Sydney Airport compared to using the existing road network.

17. New Hawkesbury River Bridge

  • Richmond, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $500m

The bridge between Richmond and North Richmond provides a vital crossing of the Hawkesbury River and carries an average of 31,000 vehicles per day with a single lane in each direction. Upgrades will see it flourish well into the future.

18. Newcastle Inner City Bypass

  • Newcastle, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $500m

The Rankin Park to Jesmond section of the Newcastle Inner City Bypass will provide traffic relief to the surrounding road network. Specifically for the existing route of Lookout Road, Croudace Street, and Newcastle Road. The Australian and NSW governments are funding the Rankin Park to Jesmond section of the Newcastle Inner City Bypass. The 3.4-kilometre bypass would be built between Rankin Park and Jesmond, to the west of John Hunter Hospital.

19. Sydney Metro West – Western Tunnel

  • Sydney, NSW
  • Start Date: Q2, 2022
  • Budget: $24b

This once-in-a-century infrastructure investment will transform Sydney for generations to come. As a result, it will double rail capacity between the two CBDs, linking new communities to rail services and supporting employment growth and housing supply. Additionally, the project is expected to create about 10,000 direct and 70,000 indirect jobs during its construction.