Perfect Hire test Ekso ZeroG Arm

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Perfect Hire test Ekso ZeroG Arm

Here at Perfect Hire we are always looking to innovate and improve where ever we can. Whether it’s using cloud-based software to improve our communications or upgrading our equipment for more efficient and environmentally friendly versions.

One area of interest to us at the moment is the use of bionic suits that can help to reduce stress and fatigue on our fieldworkers, helping to reduce the physical wear and tear their bodies endure carrying out projects for our clients.

A company in the US called Ekso Bionics is working on an exoskeleton suit that can alleviate the pressure that construction workers put their bodies through. These suits can achieve this by counter balancing and redistributing weight from heavy tools that they use on a daily basis.

For example, say you are jackhammering a wall at shoulder height, you are holding the weight of a 10kg jackhammer for prolonged periods of time, which can put your muscles under extreme fatigue. Imagine if that same jackhammer were as light as a pencil, this would allow you to carry out the task quicker and allow you to carry out more tasks, as you would feel less fatigue.

So what problems does this solve?

The Ekso Suit uses advanced counter-balance and weight distribution technology to evenly re-distribute the weight of tools and equipment at the shoulder and overhead height to reduce fatigue on works and make the equipment feel weightless.


  • Weight – 9.5 lb.
  • Adjustable Lift Assistance- 5-15 lb. per arm
  • Adjustable Work Envelope 20” of adjustment
  • Worker Height Range – 5’0” to 6’4”ft

So how can these suits help construction companies in Australia? Well, any kind of trade that requires repetitive work at the shoulder or overhead height can benefit greatly from the use of the Ekso Suit. For example, an Air Condition installer would spend quite a lot of time performing overhead work, drilling holes and installing brackets for the vents to install vented air conditioning.

Now imagine that same worker could carry out their work with less fatigue on their arms and shoulders. They would be able to carry out more work and this would also lead to fewer workplace accidents. This benefits both the worker and the company as the worker could prolong their career and the company would increase productivity and reduce occupational injuries.

Ekso ZeroG Arm

The Ekso ZeroG arm is an ergonomic tool arm that can suspend the weight of tools with the use of spring-tension and an innovative design to balance the weight of tools that are used from shoulder to overhead heights. It has various uses for repetitive tasks carried out in the automotive, manufacturing and construction industries.

The ZeroG is designed to hold loads of up to 19kg’s, this can drastically decrease the amount of fatigue workers experience in the workplace. Especially for repetitive tasks where the works are using tools at the shoulder or overhead height.

Here at Perfect Hire we actually had an on-site demonstration from Ekso Bionics distributors in Australia from Safety MITS. They demonstrated the use of the ZeroG Arm and the Ekso Works Suit. Our team members were very impressed with the ZeroG Arm and how light it made our Hilti TE800 Jackhammers feel.

One of our team members also got to try out the Ekso Works Suit. They defiantly felt an improvement and how it could decrease the fatigue on shoulder height and overhead tasks.

Perfect Hire is always looking for intuitive technologies that can improve both our productivity and improve the health and safety of our team members. We are always looking for ways to work faster, smarter and safer.