Recruitment Solutions

Looking to fill a mid or long-term position for your construction projects? Perfect Hire now offer recruitment solutions in Sydney, and New South Wales, servicing construction/engineering companies of all sizes. These services are: recruitment outsourcing, permanent placement and core project staffing.

When it comes to labour hire and recruitment solutions, partnering with a few companies might be time-, and cost-consuming. Work smarter, engage directly Perfect Hire’s professional recruiters to provide not only the best practice skilled labour, but also fill your most critical roles.

Recruitment Outsourcing

Filling construction-related full-time positions has never been easier. Our diligent recruiters can act as your HR department, selecting and screening qualified candidates for permanent staff positions.

Permanent Placement Services

We offer help with everything you need to permanently recruit new employees. From gathering requirements such as: skills and qualifications, writing a job description and determining the best interview process to fit your company culture.

Core Project Staffing (Assessment)

A great team is essential to accomplish any construction project. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the proper staff required and get commitments from key staff before actual work begins. Our Core Project Staffing service involves selecting and assembling a project team.