PERFECT Processes

Operations Process

➊ Client requests labour

The first step of operations process is a client requests skilled labour, equipment, machinery or rubbish and waste removal.

➋ Account Manager contacts client

Our account managers will make contact with you right away to asses your needs and gather more information for us to provide you the labour you require.

➌ Order allocation

We asses all requirements needed for the project and select our best team members available.Individual assigned based on skill, competency or induction

  • Email order confirmation
  • Allocation sent to field worker

➍ Labour supplied

All our team members are supplied with full PPE, uniform and we ensure there are wearing full PPE at all times by conducting regular site visits.

  • Full PPE & Uniform
  • On site induction with SWMS
  • Punctual & Reliable

➎ Post supply

After each and every supply of labour our account managers will make contact or complete a site visit to get feedback on how our team members have performed, this allows us to keep maintain a high standard of quality labour.

  • Quality feedback
  • Account Manager communication
  • Monthly labour claim

Recruitment Process

➊ Position advertising

The first step in our recruitment process is to advertise through various different channels.Online advertisingPaper publicationsWalk-insReferrals

➋ Initial contact

Our HR department will make the initial contact with the candidate and perform a number of checks and conduct an interview over the phone

  • Phone interview
  • Reference Checks
  • Skills & Ability assessment

➌ Induction

Once the candidates have been successfully screened during our initial contact they are booked in for our in-house induction where they watch our work health & safety induction video. In addition to this police background checks and drug tests are carried out.

  • Work Health & Safety
  • Company Policies
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Employment Contract Signed
  • Police background checks
  • Drug tests