Competency Certificates

Asbestos Removal Supervisor


Perfect presents the services of professionally trained Asbestos Removal Supervisors who are trained to be aware of all the safety regulations in regards to the removal and handling of asbestos. They are also proficient in training labourers, educating them with the in-house training to perform their roles efficiently and safely.

Ausgrid Induction Certified Labourer


Hire a professional and certified Ausgrid Indication certified labourer from Perfect. Here at Perfect, we make sure that we are responsible for providing only the most competent and skilled and only certified Ausgrid Induction Laborers that know their job inside out.

Confined Space Certified Labourer


Perfect offer the expertise of professionally trained confined space certified labourers. Our confined space workers are experienced with years of experience working on different professional projects. All our workers are certified with all the relevant experience that enables them to perform their duties perfectly.

First Aid Certified Labourer


Perfect proudly present its certified first aid labourers that are capable of exercising precaution and executing their job responsibilities perfectly with efficiency. As trained first aid providers, our first aid labourers can immediately analyze the condition of an affected individual and provide timely aid that can make all the difference in saving someone’s life.

Friable and Non-Friable Asbestos Removal Certified Labourer


At perfect, we have professionally trained friable and non-friable asbestos removal labourers that are certified to perform this task. They are also aware of safety regulations associated with the removal of friable and non-friable asbestos and have undergone the in-house training that has made us put our confidence in their expertise.

Traffic Controller


Perfect offer the services of experienced Traffic Controllers who possess an ample amount of experience having worked on and for different projects. The traffic controllers at Perfect are fully aware of all the necessary rules and regulations pertaining to the job.

Working at Heights Certified Labourer


At Perfect, we have capable and certified labours that are capable of working at heights. Whether it is window cleaning or construction, fabrication or electrical fitting, our professionally trained labours can handle the job with ease and deliver the quality of work you would expect.